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The Ethical Workplace: Vicarious Trauma

Hearing disclosures of trauma leaves a mark on us. It can impact on our feelings of safety, on the way we view the world and ourselves in it. This presentation supports supervisory and managerial staff to identify and respond effectively to vicarious trauma in the workplace


Knowledge gained:

  • Understanding the construct of vicarious trauma
  • Recognise the impacts of vicarious trauma
  • Manage and offset the impacts of vicarious trauma

Audience: Leadership, People and Culture


Duration: 1 hour


Note: This is a presentation providing participants with and overview of key objectives. This option works best to train general staff as there is no limit in participation numbers.

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This was enormously helpful and I have recognised early signs of VT in myself - Thanks!”


Would definitely recommend. I'm a hard marker! Trainers created an engaging environment which encouraged discussion and questions though internal issues with team historically constrained participation.”


“Very informative and engaging workshop - one of the best I have been involved in for some time.”


“One of the most interesting and beneficial workshops I've been through. Did not feel like 3 hours!”


“Was full-on and in-depth, but was well worth it. Heaps of material to take away and digest.”